We Are

 idesign or Issue Design Corporation Co.,Ltd. is providing the all kinds of design services; entire graphic design, outsource and all kinds of publishing job including label advertisement and particularly website design which we are mainly influence and take it as the main service. We have the influence and skilled team with good temper to design all works and give importance and bright idea to all works which are all unique and extraordinary under the concept of outrageous idea but within the universal flavor to bring the identity for the works, to make works become remarkable and create the good image for customers.

      Not only fine, luxury or unique, but our company intend to create the happy and merry environment to support the team to enjoy and love everything we do for works. We support our team with fine environment and time to let the team fully generate their own ideas, so all works that customers get from us can be guaranteed for the happiness, determination and sincerity to create the fine works for all of you.